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You can now have cannabis on toast
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You can now spread cannabis on toast after a company developed the world’s first jam – made from MARIJUANA. Ganjam, is completely legal, despite...
Is The Marijuana Compound Cannabidiol Effective For Weight Loss?
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Yes, CBD (cannabidiol) -- the good stuff in marijuana and hemp -- might promote weight loss. But that’s not a given. Testimonial evidence says it...
Cannabis websites in US and Canada crash on biggest 4/20 day
  • 23
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Company that offers ‘free delivery’ happy hour has difficulty fulfilling orders.Global cannabis suppliers struggled to keep up with demand on...
California Lawsuit Claims Dispensary Sold Pesticide-Tainted Pot
  • 21
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An unlicensed marijuana dispensary sold cannabis sprayed with a dangerous pesticide, the city of Los Angeles said in a lawsuit that’s part of a...
Importance Of Landrace Cannabis To New Weed Industry
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Jamaica built its global cannabis reputation in the 1970s both as a producer and illegal supplier of potent sun-grown ganja. Around the same time...
Marijuana users weigh less compared to non-users
  • 17
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New evidence from Michigan State University suggests that those who smoke cannabis, or marijuana, weigh less compared to adults who don't. The...

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