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Barbados plans development of cannabis industry
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Barbados has announced plans to establish a medicinal cannabis industry project implementation unit tasked with establishing the administrative...
Will smoking cannabis make you psychotic? Not likely
  • 7
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A widely reported study published this week in the British journal The Lancet alleges that an estimated 30 to 50 percent of psychosis cases in...
Shut out of California’s marijuana market, Indian tribes pursue sales on their own land
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The legalization of recreational marijuana in California left American Indians out in the cold. Proposition 64, approved by voters in 2016, lets...
Nearly 20,000 Brits sign petition for PEOPLE'S VOTE – on cannabis
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Cannabis was made available through NHS for medicinal use for the first time last year. And it is being hailed as a medical breakthrough, with...
DeltaGate: Richard Nixon’s Sneaky Fight Against Delta-8 THC
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Nixon-era research connects a rare form of THC to boost in cancer immunity and brain power. It sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory: The...
High Energy Cannabis Strains To Help You Welcome Spring
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Finally, the oppressive cold and darkness of winter are starting to lift. Spring is here. Flowers are in bloom. That means it’s time to get back...

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