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5 Wacky Weed Laws in States That Have Legalized Marijuana
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These unusual restrictions on legal marijuana show that the U.S. cannabis industry has a long way to go before becoming fully accepted. Even the...
California College Paying People to Smoke Weed and Virtually Drive for Study
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If you have a history of consuming cannabis, there’s still spots available to get paid to drive high. In an effort to better understand the ways...
Pot Candies, Vaping Snuffed Out for Now in Canadian Legalization
  • 8
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A key segment of Canada’s marijuana industry will remain banned for up to a year after the drug becomes legal for recreational use -- making it...
UK: Police ‘decriminalising cannabis’ as prosecutions fall away
  • 27
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Government figures sent to Norman Lamb MP reveal fall of 19% since 2015 in people prosecuted for possession. Nearly every police force in...
Cannabis delivery, edibles and ads could change under new, permanent state regulations
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Cannabis retailers soon may be able to deliver marijuana anywhere in California, no matter what city or county rules say. Also, it’s likely...
Police find marijuana growing in Wyoming city's downtown flower pots
  • 24
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A Wyoming city’s downtown decorative plant containers have gone to pot.City of Powell workers tending to the planters found marijuana plants...

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