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Bunting Says US Use 'Technicalities' To Suppress Jamaica's Ganja Industry
  • 12
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Opposition spokesman on Industry, Commerce and Competitiveness Peter Bunting has described restrictions imposed by outside powers on the...
First NZ company gets licensed for high THC medicinal cannabis
  • 13
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An East Coast cannabis company says it's the first in the country to get the green light to grow strains of the plant with high levels of...
'It's not working': Why some weed dispensaries are staying open
  • 42
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As government-operated stores struggle, dispensaries step up, lawyer says The provincial government is pretty clear on its website: Cannabis NB is...
Future Weed: Formulations, Patents and Where Cannabis Is Going Next
  • 13
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As cannabis users embrace concentrates, companies are isolating chemicals to make reliable products — and it’s making weed products intellectual...
Illinois dispensaries prepare for medical marijuana program
  • 15
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CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois is about to roll out a pilot program that will offer patients access to medical marijuana as an alternative to opioids...
South Florida eateries add marijuana ingredient CBD to menus
  • 18
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Customers are raving about the new slices at Pizza City in Fort Lauderdale — especially the marinara sauce, which is infused with cannabidiol, aka...

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