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Billy Caldwell forced to fly to Canada AGAIN as UK authorities miss vital licence deadline
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His health crisis triggered creation of government expert panel on licences but Castlederg boy's health now at risk due to delay. Billy Caldwell...
Medical users worry Canada’s pot driving rules will run them off the road
  • 8
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EDMONTON—Medical marijuana users worry they won’t be able to get behind the wheel once cannabis is legalized for recreational use. Under the...
Canadian cannabis company prepares for Jamaican expansion
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Canada-based medical cannabis company Aphria Inc is preparing to expand its business to Jamaica and several countries in Latin American and...
5 Wacky Weed Laws in States That Have Legalized Marijuana
  • 16
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These unusual restrictions on legal marijuana show that the U.S. cannabis industry has a long way to go before becoming fully accepted. Even the...
California College Paying People to Smoke Weed and Virtually Drive for Study
  • 15
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If you have a history of consuming cannabis, there’s still spots available to get paid to drive high. In an effort to better understand the ways...
Pot Candies, Vaping Snuffed Out for Now in Canadian Legalization
  • 11
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A key segment of Canada’s marijuana industry will remain banned for up to a year after the drug becomes legal for recreational use -- making it...

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