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7 years behind bars for 2 joints now he's free
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Bernard Noble, who was sentenced to 13 years of hard labor for carrying about two joints worth was released from prison on Thursday morning...
Mexican states should start legalizing marijuana - tourism minister
  • 98
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Taking a lead from the United States, Mexico should allow states to begin legalizing marijuana. Tourism minister Enrique de la Madrid...
Officers dismissed after blaming missing weed on mice
  • 637
  • 1
If you give a mouse a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. If you blame half a ton of impounded cannabis that's gone missing on said...
Lung-cancer victim can grow his own pot
  • 142
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A judge gave the OK to Tampa entrepreneur Joe Redner to grow his own pot to treat cancer. Prompting state health officials to immediately...
HP jumps into marijuana industry
  • 203
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The digital cash registers ringing up customers coffee shops and chic boutiques will soon stationed in marijuana dispensaries. Computer giant...
Former Republican Speaker Advising Marijuana Corporation
  • 87
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John Boehner, former speaker of the House, became an unlikely advocate for marijuana on Wednesday. Reversing years of opposition to the drug...

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