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Weeding out tainted pot
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Tainted pot will be weeded out, the state’s top marijuana regulator says, once the “Seed-to-Sale” of legalized cannabis falls under inspectors who...
Rev. Al Sharpton argued that the fight to legalize marijuana is the next civil rights cause
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Rev. Al Sharpton argued that the fight to legalize marijuana is the next civil rights cause in a Thursday op-ed for the Guardian. Sharpton, an...
Michigan regulators will allow mega-growers of medical marijuana into the state
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The state is opening up the medical marijuana business to big-time grow operations, according to an advisory released Thursday. When the...
Big hurdles ahead for medical pot in Ohio
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CINCINNATI -- In less than a year, some of Ohio’s sickest residents should legally have a new drug to consider: medical marijuana. The state's...
Quebec's minimum age for marijuana to be 18
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Quebec premier Philippe Couillard has ignored concerns raised by many members of his own Liberal caucus and decided the minimum age for the...
How to Entertain with Weed: An Etiquette Guide
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Since the beginning of 2017, the droves moving to the California coast for tech, Hollywood, or simply the sun-soaked, absolute freedom of the wild...

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