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More people arrested last year over pot than murder, rape, aggravated assault and robbery combined
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In 2016 more people were arrested for marijuana possession than for all crimes the FBI classifies as violent, according to 2016 crime data...
LA's proposed pot rules a downer for dispensaries
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Recreational marijuana users may be looking forward to Jan. 1, the day the drug becomes legal in California, but for Los Angeles-based cannabis...
Ontario's pot plan aims to protect us from ourselves
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But of course the government of Ontario intends to make itself one of the biggest weed dealers in the world. And of course it's going to award...
Ranchers say they have Colorado’s only zero-carbon footprint marijuana grow in Vail Valley
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Rob and Linda Trotter looked around at their TNT Ranch, at the fertile soil, at the snowmelt water that starts at 12,500 feet above sea level and...
B.C. to Beijing: China presses Canada over illicit marijuana import, internal memo reveals
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Chinese officials have been quietly grilling Canada about illicit marijuana flowing to their country, prompting Ottawa to agree to work with them...

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