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Man who 'vapes' cannabis says his brain tumour has 'almost completely disappeared'
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Phil James was told he had two years to live back in 2015. A man diagnosed with a brain tumour and given just two years to live says his brain...
UK Cafe Is Selling Cannabis-Infused Treats
  • 243
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The United Kingdom prohibits marijuana. But a UK cafe Is selling cannabis-infused treats. Edible culture is blowing up, and the UK is no...
Cannabis for inmates? It could happen. Here’s who is behind it
  • 139
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South Carolina could allow prison inmates with physical or mental-health issues to be treated with cannabidiol oil, an active ingredient found in...
Small growers wary as major pot producer moves in to B.C.
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Canopy Growth plans to cover 1.3M square metres of Aldergrove greenhouse with marijuana plants. This weekend, B.C.'s pot supply grew by...
Can You Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome With Cannabis?
  • 431
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To alleviate discomfort and pain, can you treat irritable bowel syndrome with cannabis? Laws against weed have made it difficult for...
Am I too high to drive? UMass professor invents app to measure marijuana impairment
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Now that Massachusetts has legalized marijuana, and is on the verge of allowing retail sales, one concern raised by many is public safety. Will...

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