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Alaska collects $11M in tax revenue from marijuana
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ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska collected more than $11 million in marijuana tax revenue during the state’s 2018 fiscal year, exceeding projections by...
LA begins accepting license applications from marijuana growers, manufacturers
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Los Angeles began accepting license applications from marijuana growers, manufacturers and testing companies Wednesday, after months of delays...
New DNA test predicts how humans may respond to cannabis
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Today marks the launch of the Endocanna Health "Cannabinoid DNA Variant Test™" the most comprehensive personalized cannabis DNA test available on...
Weed Legalisation Is On A Roll
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WILL CANADA, US AND MEXICO LAUNCH A LEGAL MARIJUANA MARKET? As more and more North American governments move on from the “war on drugs” mentality...
Georgia legalises the consumption – but not sale – of marijuana
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Georgia has become the first country in the former Soviet Union to legalise the consumption of marijuana after the country’s constitutional court...
UK: The cannabis ban is having its last gasp
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Peter Tosh never had any doubt about the medical value of marijuana. On Legalize It, the founder member of The Wailers listed the therapeutic...

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