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Healthy Pharms Sales Suspended, Store Closed After Pesticides Found in Marijuana
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The Massachusetts Department of Public Health suspended marijuana sales at Healthy Pharms, a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary...
Seed dealer successfully fights US extradition bid
  • 314
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Gypsy Nirvana, of London, legally trades the seeds in the UK but US authorities accused him of criminal activity and have been seeking his...
New study shows coffee and cannabis connection
  • 162
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It's well known that a morning cup of joe jolts you awake. But scientists have discovered coffee affects your metabolism in dozens of other ways...
You're Probably Familiar With CBD, but Here's What You Need to Know About CBN
  • 145
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Among the hundreds of known cannabinoids out there, THC and CBD are two you're probably most familiar with. CBN (cannabinol), on the other hand...
Weedmaps to state regulator: Work with us, not against us
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An Irvine-based website known as the Craigslist of pot for linking consumers with marijuana providers is pushing back against allegations that it...
Israel’s Ministry of Health Approves Medical Marijuana Vaporizer
  • 195
  • 1
At the forefront of medical marijuana, Israel’s Ministry of Health approves medical marijuana vaporizer. It’s official: Israel’s Ministry of...

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