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"The NSLC has the experience and expertise to distribute and sell restricted products like alcohol and now cannabis in a socially responsible...
How potent is today’s cannabis? Here’s what the latest research has revealed
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SAN DIEGO — Ten years ago, the average gram of meth available in the U.S. was 39 percent pure. Today, it is being sold in a nearly pure state...
Nova Scotia will sell legal weed online next year
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Nova Scotia announced on Thursday its plans to regulate legal cannabis sales when the recreational market opens next summer. The Nova Scotia...
Marijuana meds for pets? Vets want clinical trials
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Legal barriers to research mean dosage, toxicity, safety of marijuana-based pet drugs unknown. Dr. Byron Maas surveys a supply of marijuana...
UK: Chicken barn hides £1.5m cannabis factory
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A cannabis factory with drugs worth approximately £1.5 million has been found in poultry barns. British and Albanians have been arrested...
You Can Now 'Snort' Weed Using This Cannabis Nasal Spray
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When listing off drugs you can snort up your nose, marijuana usually doesn’t make the list. But with cannabinoid-spiked nasal sprays, that’s now...

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