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Canada is running out of marijuana two days after drug became legal
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Canadians were so excited about getting their hands on some legal, recreational marijuana the country is reportedly experience a shortage. Police...
Can ‘craft cannabis’ replicate B.C.’s craft beer success?
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Legal cannabis is only one day old, but already there's a push for B.C. to duplicate its craft beer success in the pot sector. Kylie Stanton...
'Cannabis isn't as easy to grow as people think', and then there's the paperwork
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Starting an industry from scratch means early shortages of legal pot across Canada Snags in the supply chains of legal retail pot stores across...
What it's like to get same-day shipping for your legal weed from OCS
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The customer's only complaint was too much packaging Zach Johns received his order on Thursday afternoon. (Submitted by Zach Johns) He placed...
'Which one is going to be cheaper and better?' Black market will thrive, advocates say
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A short drive away from British Columbia’s first and only legal marijuana store, Bill Semeniuk inhaled deeply from a joint outside an illegal...
Canada's cannabis legalization goes into effect
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Canadians can now purchase and grow their own marijuana after a two-year effort by the government. While enthusiasts have hailed the move, some...

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