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Weed is legal in Canada but majority of pot users still want to keep it ‘hush hush’: Ipsos poll
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Recreational marijuana is officially legal across the country. But despite it being allowed, more than half of Canadian pot users still would not...
Cannabis NB’s website goes live, prices starting at $8.50/gram
  • 35
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New Brunswickers now know how much they’ll pay for cannabis, and can start “window shopping” ahead of legalization on Wednesday Cannabis NB’s...
Greenhouse growers turn to cannabis to cash in on lucrative crop
  • 26
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A growing number of fruit and vegetable farmers in southern Ontario are switching over to cannabis or at least adding it to their production. That...
How will Canadians buy pot? It depends where they live
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Provinces and territories differ on where you can buy and consume cannabis A single federal law legalized recreational cannabis in Canada. But a...
Cannabis in Canada: Who wins and who loses under new law
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Canada is about to become the second nation to fully legalise recreational cannabis. When prohibition comes to an end on 17 October, Canadian...
How secret supper clubs are testing the appetite for cannabis-infused food
  • 22
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Several chefs are serving cannabis-laced meals at intimate gatherings to gauge the market for high dining One of the first questions chef Travis...

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