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Winners of the First Alaska Cannabis Cup
  • 28
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Who were the winners of the first-ever Alaska Cannabis Cup? This past weekend, we had our very first Alaska Cannabis Cup in the city of...
Health cannabis shop opens in Guernsey
  • 36
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A new shop that will sell health-based cannabis products is opening in Guernsey today. The Original Alternative has opened in the North...
With Pot Shops Opening Soon, Massachusetts Warns About Driving High
  • 30
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In anticipation of the first recreational marijuana stores opening within Massachusetts in the coming weeks, state officials Wednesday stepped up...
50+ Illegal Pot Grows Raided In Denver Metro Area
  • 38
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More than 50 suspected illegal marijuana grow houses and businesses were raided in the Denver area Thursday by federal, state and local law...
More towns getting ahead of NJ legalization. Clifton could be latest to ban pot sales
  • 32
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Clifton voted unanimously to prohibit the selling and growing of recreational marijuana within city limits. If Wednesday's ordinance is adopted...
State’s new marijuana ads strike friendly tone
  • 26
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Forget the fried egg, the talking dog, and the two-dimensional teen — a few of the scolding antimarijuana ads once common on television. A new...

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