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The Truth About Terps
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An in-depth look at cannabis beyond just THC and CBD. In the Beginning In 1964, two young scientists, Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Dr. Yechiel...
Top 14 2018 Movies to Watch While High
  • 98
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Looking for movies to watch while high? We got you covered. What’s a better pairing than cannabis and the cinema? So far this year, the silver...
Dutch give go-ahead to legal weed experiment
  • 121
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The Dutch government gave the green light Friday to a wide-ranging experiment to allow six to 10 municipalities around the country to legally grow...
How pot companies will destroy tons of weed they can’t sell after marijuana fire sales
  • 86
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A stash of California cannabis is headed for the trash bin. Since new state regulations went into effect on July 1, California pot shops are...
Jamaica Advised To Standardise Ganja
  • 217
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Dr Cliff Riley, executive director of the Scientific Research Council, says that while Jamaica likes to boast about its high-quality marijuana...
How to Cure a Hangover With Weed
  • 126
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Had too much to drink yesterday? You can totally burn off that hangover with a doobie. Weed might as well have been put on Earth for the sole...

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