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German police association call for complete legalization
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The Association of German Criminal Officers (BDK) has spoken out in favour of ending the ban on cannabis and has called for the decriminalization...
Girl Scout sets up cookie shop at dispensary, wins big selling 300 boxes
  • 630
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Looks like farmers, weed dispensaries, and people with prior marijuana convictions aren’t the only parties benefitting from the burgeoning...
  • 521
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Cannabis use is banned in India, but its medicinal value is gradually finding space across the world. Now, a city-based Supreme Court advocate...
Bong-haul flights as UK gangs jet off to buy cannabis to sell on Instagram
  • 621
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BRITS are jetting off to California to buy super-strong marijuana which they ship home and sell on Instagram. Gangs from Liverpool, London and...
'I beat cancer with weed': Woman told by doctors to undergo chemo cured her cancer with cannabis oil
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Shona Leigh claims she cured her stage two cervical cancer with cannabis. She believes cannabis oil also cured lumps she found in her breast later...
Marijuana Strains That Can Help Cure A Nasty Hangover
  • 266
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We've given you plenty of different remedies on how to cure a hangover, but, as we all know, there's not one method that's perfect for everyone...

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