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  2. FerretWrangler

    Organic recycled soil grow-Ibs Nordes scrog

    I decided against buying a new light, and I'm simply going to cut the hvac down to size to make my inline fan more efficient, and use the saved money to get another or a new air conditioner. This way I can keep me, the plant, and the ferrets cooler. The screen is pretty lackluster but its a...
  3. Sunshine

    Organic Sunshines LED Reveg SCROG

    I dropped the screen on the revegging girls today so thought it would make sense to start a new thread to document the scrog. Strains are FruitBowl x Trainwreck and FruitBowl x SuperSkunk, they've been flowered out once and are revegging, the soil's been recharged with Fish Blood and Bone (top...
  4. FerretWrangler

    Every time I look I feel like she hasn't grown.

    But then I look closer... :cool: She sure is beefing up and bushing out! The white dots are from the bone meal in the foliar spray. I've been wiping it off of her here and there. 20170908_164143 by FerretWrangler posted Sep 8, 2017 at 4:51 PM20170908_164154 by FerretWrangler posted Sep 8, 2017... - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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