super soil

  1. ThC

    Make Organic Super Soil in 8 Proven Steps

    How to make super soil The how-to guide below will give you in depth information on how to make this super soil mix. In the tech industry there is a lot of talk about “standing on the shoulder’s of giants”. The soil industry applies the same philosophy – build upon the work of others to...
  2. ThC

    Subcool’s Super Soil Step-by-Step

    There’s nothing that compares to the flavor of properly grown organic pot: The subtle tastes and aromas created by using only “Mother Earth” are overwhelming to the senses when it’s done properly. As with vegetables, a rich organic soil can bring out the best in cannabis. Over the past 20...
  3. Sunshine

    Organic Sunshines LED Reveg SCROG

    I dropped the screen on the revegging girls today so thought it would make sense to start a new thread to document the scrog. Strains are FruitBowl x Trainwreck and FruitBowl x SuperSkunk, they've been flowered out once and are revegging, the soil's been recharged with Fish Blood and Bone (top...
  4. ThC

    Subcool’s Super Soil – Improved !

    Subcool’s super soil is the most popular soil recipe used for the last 20 years but there are now variations on that recipe. Subcool’s super soil is still the first choice of super soil for many organic growers. Subcool’s Super Soil Recipe Improved, Large Batch : 8 ten gallon bags of high...