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1st plant outdoor grow


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Hi..So my 1st plant ive ever grown was going really good and ready to harvest in a week or so when i walked out to look at her and one of the top buds was (over night!) brown.. bent over and just dying! The next day another bud..the same thing!? Withon 2 to 3 days my buds are turning brown and leaves turned brown my plant seemed perfectly healthy until finding one brown dying bud with the rest seemingly following suit..has anyone heard of this happening or what may have caused this attack on my otherwise healthy plant..p.s. i ended up pulling her a little early to try and salvage what i could..Thanks for any knowledge someone may have as to what happened to her - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains


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🤠The Way To Recognizing Marijuana Bud Rot keep an extra close eye on your marijuana plants during the last weeks of the flowering period. Always look for diseases and abnormalities, but especially for bud rot. You’ve come too far to see a good cannabis crop go to waste after all the hours you’ve spent cultivating your plants. You can recognize bud rot by inspecting the small one finger leaves growing from the buds. If these are green, you’re in the clear. If these have a yellow or brown color, chances are you have bud rot. These leaves let go easily when removed and do not look healthy. If you see this kind of leaf, remove it immediately and bend open the top carefully and look inside and see if things are looking OK. Once you’ve identified bud rot on your plants, you need to act quickly. It might be hard on you, but you have to remove any and all infested buds. Bud rot spreads very quickly and it will ruin your entire crop. Use disinfected scissors to cut out rotting buds. Also be very careful not to touch healthy buds with your infected hands. Check every day for bud rot and cut out infected buds immediately hope this will help for future grows And Again Welcome to the FC Family ! :mask:


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Welcome to the fc bro,
Well I agree with all of the above, most def budrot.sorry about that,I've had it.ive lost alil and a lot.just as said,near end of flower check buds for in discoloration and be sure to examine every other day it not every day.Dont let it ruin ur experience bro, learn from it and better urself for next time.Happy growing to you bro. - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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