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1st UnOfficial FC Party Cup Challenge


Every day I'm Wrangling
Good luck! If I were you I wouldn't remove the existing medium from the rootballs to avoid damaging them. It won't do them any harm to leave it.
Let us know how you get on :)
My thoughts exactly! I learned from the last two :) room is misted twice over and cleaned and the slh has been shredded. Rip sweet girl. I only had enough hydroton to line the bottom of 18 pots so I may wait to transplant to see if I can push some funds around to get more hydroton and some much wanted perlite. I hope my local store is open tomorrow!


Seasoned Grower
Been a while for the unofficial cup challenge, here is a look at a contender, I will call this cup 6 from outer space. This one quit taking up water, there are no more white hairs all of the hairs have received. It had maxed out at frosty, I am going to harvest it tonight quick wet trim and hung up. I have seven more plants for the contest, I think all will be done by the end of the year 15139961193024864744817896191275.jpg o 15139961870555896081626190579256.jpg 15139962311971571649805780603643.jpg 15139962831436191673485274891394.jpg k