2nd Grow Soon *All out grow*


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Jul 11, 2018
It's been a long while guys. I remember posting here back in 2018 when I first started my grow in a dental office building that I was living in lol. Never finished the last two weeks because the smell to somehow make it to the basement so had to harvest early. That was however an average budget investment and I wanted to test the waters to see how well I would do before I go bigger. I'll be incorporating a list of all the products I'll be using from Amazon. That is where I've bought 95% of all my equipment. So yea, I thought I'd post here again after some time because I'm moving to colorado in a few months and since it's legal to grow there, I'm not holding back. So the few of you that saw my first grow, saw that I went through only a couple problems throughout my whole grow. Pretty much solid grow all the way to flowering except snapping off one of my branches training one of my pants in veg. :sob: Then week 4 of flowering had a calmag deficiency but I didn't address it till pretty late and it took a few of my fan leaves on my chemdawg strain. But other then that, that was a mediocre grow for me. Didn't even get to enjoy my crop cause it got stolen from me but oh well. So to start off I'll be listing the seeds of the strains I'll be doing.

6 Strains
Jack Herer x Skunk
Jack's Girl
Mother of all Bud
Fire OG
Zombie Death F**k

Next off is the equipment. (n2b)-need to buy still - (own)-Purchased on deck

Lights - Spider Farmer SF4000 (n2b) and 2x 1000W Higrow LEDs (own)
Tent - Topolite 120x120x80 Grow tent (n2b)
Co2 - Atlas 8 Co2 controller (own) , Co2 Inline heater (n2b) , Co2 Regulator (own) , Co2 20lb Tank x2 (n2b)
Inline Fan - AC Infinity T8 (own) for intake and AC Infinity S8 (n2b) for exhaust
Carbon Filter - Terrabloom 8" x 24" (own)
Fan - Hurricane 16" Wall Fan (own)
Humidifier - Levoit 6L (n2b)
Temp Controller - Inkbird Digital Temp Controller (own)

and thats just about it for the major supplies, all the other things are just the stuff to maintain and train the plants.

Next I'll be doing Nutrients all of which I have on hand. I've done extensive research on everything I'm using, so I'm running a pretty serious nutrient line. But for last 2 weeks of flowering, I'll be flushing with organic natural soil tea mix.

Flower Power Nutrient Line for Seedlings, Grow, Bloom, and Boost
House & Garden Roots Excelurator
House & Garden Top Shooter
Mammoth P
Silica Blast
Liquid Karma
TPS Nutrients Canopy & Signal
Golden Tree

Well thats it and I'll be using a Risentek Electric Bud Leaf Trimmer Machine Model-XLE 16-inch
to trim my buds after harvest. Can't wait super stoked.