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COMPETITION 420 Seed Competition -> Sponsored by


Staff member
Good Afternoon FC,

After counting and recounting the numbers are now in, the actual number of seeds was 698.

That means that the Lucky Winner of our Summer Seed Competition is

@Jason with an extraordinarily accurate entry of 695, congratulations and Happy 420!

The runner up prizes are awarded to @Cheesy with the second closest entry of 666, congratulations.

Please send a private message with your delivery address details exactly as it should appear on the envelope so that your prize can be mailed out promptly.

Finally thanks to everyone who took part, there'll be another competition in the coming months.



Well-Known Member
Thanks for all the positive MOJO everyone! I'm looking forward to getting these in on my next grow. Right now I've got Blue Stink,-(ala Alphatoy), Alaskan Purple, Bad Azz OG Cheese and a couple freebie White Widow in veg. Photos and more coming soon to my 4th grow ever thread.

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