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OFFERED 500+ Cheese x Kush Van Stitch Auto reg seeds


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Hi, not sure if anyone would be interested but I have about 500 seeds from a cross I did of Canuk Cheese auto x Flash Seeds Kush Van Stitch auto.
I would love to try some. I'm doing a couple winter grows with autos. I love cheese😋
I'm new on here so not sure how this works. - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
Yes I am, are you in Canada?

Update have about 250 seeds left.
No, I am in California. I have all photo periods. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ve never ran an Auto-flower but am very interested in trying it out soon.

I have :
Dark Plasma
Star Pupil x Dark Plasma
GG4 x Dark Plasma
Romulan x Dark Plasma
Nepali Pink x Dark Plasma - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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