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A Cut Above


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The purpose of this thread is to showcase top cuts from the USA. If your in the know, you will quickly recognize and understand why I am working with what I have. Secondly, it is to educate people on what I perceive as excellent cannabis. Some of these cuts are damn near impossible to get. I source them from reputable people. It has taken years to gain their trust. I take but I also give back. There are a lot of fake cuts going out there. So just because someone says they got it; do they? Also, with environment and genetics plants express themselves differently. I will show an example of that later. Here are some pics.

This is the Death Star (ECSD x Sensi Star).
An old cut from Ohio (I think). It is pungent, gas/petrol, potent. I sourced it from Denver Co. I know for a fact it’s the Real Deal Holyfield. It will purple up with colder temps.
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Dr. Longbeard

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I totally agree with you @juju cannabis expression important thing to bring up we should have a thread on that. There are so many factors involved from lighting to to which type of nutrient deliver to media to talent of growing and everything else in between. Let's say 10 different people go to the same shop and get the same exact cut from the same mother plant and everyone goes home and grows it out you can have 10 different results come time to smoke it. You can pull different traits or should I say show a different expression from how you grow that someone else may not experience. Grower skill is a huge factor. Everyone I'm sure if not all most people on here has smoked some crap brick weed full of seed from Mexico smuggled over the border. We used to call it dirt weed. It did the job. The problem with it was not that it was bad weed it was just grown and handled and dried and not cured it at all smush it all together and pack mule and smuggle it over. Now the genetic was not the problem at all because if an experienced grower popped and grew one of those seeds out you would end up with some pretty awesome bud, I'm just using this as an example of course. The point is expression it really is a big deal say you get a seed from somebody from a different country and it's a landrace that just grow in that region of the world and has forever and you grow it in your own method you can Express something in the plant that is very subtle or not seen there really is a million factors involved and no way to match it perfectly everytime but being consistent is a good way to start and tweaking and experimenting as you go knowledge is power 👍