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OFFERED Amnesia seeds Trade/swap

Smokey Joe Exotic

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I have quite a few amnesia photos and top Tao auto regular seeds I’d like to swap or trade with someone the Tao autos are Big auto Tao and orange auto Tao I also have a few Thai seeds for the old school and a ton of amnesia seeds

Truus Derks

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I'm interested in Big Auto Tao and Orange Auto Tao.

Here's my list:

Acapulca Gold (Barneys Farm)
Adonis (Exotic Genetix)
Amnesia Haze (Sensation Seeds)
Big Bud (
Bonkers (Exotic Genetics)
Cali Orange
Chemdawg (Humboldt Seeds)
Crystal White (Spliff Seeds)
Green Crack (Elev8 Seeds)
Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds)
Lemon Thai Kush (Humboldt Seeds)
Millenium (Homegrown Fanta Seeds)
Sour Blueberry (Humboldt Seeds)
Sour Diesel (Elev8 Seeds)
Super Plant
Swazi Gold
Tangie (DNA Genetic Seeds
Warlock (Magus Genetics)
White Pearl (High Quality Seeds)
White Widow (Nirvana Seeds) - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains


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🤠Smokey send him a PM message with the little black envelope under his icon than you will get your answer with the envelope at top right of page it will show a red 1 n2 or 3 how ever many pm u might have good luck :mask: - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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