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Is this inside or outside? I'm guessing outside. I'd spray the plants down with diluted liquid seaweed or compost tea, repeat a few times until they move on.
They won't cause massive damage to your crop so just doing the above should be fine.
Let us know if you have any other grow questions ;)


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How are your plants know. Do the plants still are infested by ants. There are some herbal ways that can help you to get rid of ants from your plants like:
1. Sprinkling some cayenne pepper on their path can help,
2. Preparing solution by mixing orange and lemon peels in hot water and leave it overnight and then pour that liquid on the plants,
3. Use drop of pine oil in one quart of water and that use that as ant repellant,
4. Sprinkle some turmeric powder where you have ants.
If this also doesn't help than one can try taking help of professionals like Exterminator Danbury CT, Fairfield County CT, Greenwich CT, Shelton CT, etc. As professionals know how exactly to deal with these type of situation, so they can better help you in your case.
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