WANTED Any UK traders?


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Jan 17, 2021
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What you got mate. Anything sativa based, or heavy indica ?
Hi mate sorry for the late reply. Didnt realise someone replied. My list...
1x sour orange diesel kush (Auto)
3x Northern cheese haze (Auto)
2x bubbly livers (Auto)
5x sams cush (Auto)
2x chemdogging (Auto)
2x double grape (Auto)
4x hubbabubbasmellascope (Auto)
2x Forgotten Cookies (Auto)
1x 3 bears OG (Auto)
2x samsquanch og (Auto)
2x grape walker kush (Auto)
2x sour stomper (Auto)
2x strawberry nuggets (Auto)
1x forum stomper (Auto)
1x fague state (Auto)
2x sweet and sour (Auto)
6x forgotten strawberries (Auto)
6x port and Stilton (Auto)
2x purple nuggets (Auto)
6x orange biscuits (Auto)
3x jammy dodgers (Auto)
6x deez nugs (Auto)
2x bubbasquanch (Auto)
4x ghost toof (Auto)
6x cremetasamo (Auto)
-----------Royal Queen seeds------
3x Northern lights (Auto)
1x amnesia haze (Auto)
------------Barneys Farm --------
5x Mimosa (Photo)
2x Gorilla skittlez (Photo)
2x Peyote Critical (Photo)
1x Critical Kush (Photo)
1x G13 Haze (photo)
------------Ripper Seeds---------
1x Braincake (Photo)
------------Rebel Seeds----------
2x Bubble Glue (Auto)
------------Expert Seeds----------
7x Mac 1 (Photo)
7x Skittlez Glue (Photo)
8x Bannana Fast (Photo)
2x Strawberry Amnesia (Photo)
------------Female Seeds--------
3x Blueberry Cheesecake (Photo)
-----------T H Seeds-----------
1x Birthday Cake (Photo)
2x strawberry glue cake (Reg)
-----------Pheno Finder---------
1x Wedding Cake (Photo)
1x Lemon Bubble (Photo)
------------Big Head Seeds-------
1x Purple Punch (Photo)
------------ G13 Labs----------
1x NL X Skunk (Photo)
------------ Freedom of Seeds--------
1x Mighty Grape (Photo)
------------Auto Seeds--------
Gorilla Glue (Auto)
------------ DNA Genetics---------
1x lemon OG kush (photo)
------------ Garden of green--------
1x chemdog millionaire (photo)