Question Best light timing for indoor vegetation period?


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Mar 19, 2021
My current "tent" in garage has no roof, so I'm thinking it won't need much exhaust - I'm running a circulation fan in there with a humidifier, heater, etc... - but I may be wrong about not needing exhaust...
I would never start a grow without at least one fan to carry the hot air outside. It would also work as a vacuum to take some fresh air inside from the small air leaks in your garage. Running 2 of theese lamps without an exhaust may cause several problems with your plants including root rot, mold and heat burn. Since you dont have a roof, your plants will also be available to all pests with an access to your garage.
It is not only about the heat but plants need fresh air and some breeze for many reasons.
Please check that thread before you make a decision about exhaust ✌


Mar 12, 2021
Problem is almost all of grow lighting comes from China. Hate to say that. But true. Even the all mighty spider farmer lol.
Yep pretty much all the lights come from China $50 from Amazon or the $500 from a specialty shop. The specialty shops just have better marketing/branding:) Even if it's not built in China, the parts come from China anyways.