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Biochar Fix


After many utube vids and lots of emailing I finally got some concrete answers to inoculating my biochar with microbes properly without any fear of anerobic bacteria. Empty dry raw biochar into a 5 gallon pail ( I have a 14 litre bag ). Add 2 gallons of aerated microbial tea to the pail of biochar 1 gallon at a time waiting 5 minutes between gallons and stirring the mixture with a large spoon or shovel. So 5 gallons of biochar to 2 gallons of ACT is the crude ratio. This can be used immediately to your soil mixture or it can be covered and used later but the bacteria will go dormant after 3 days and if the char dries up the bacteria will most likely die. This is the quickest way to charge biochar that I have found. You could add good compost and worm castings at a ratio of 3 parts to 1 part biochar and water the mixture so its like a damp sponge to feel and store this in a seed bag or some other bag thats porous enough for at least 2 weeks mixing it up a few times a week and storing in a 65 degree environment out of the sun and come away with the same result too.The most time consuming method is just dumping it onto the compost pile and letting the decomposing take over and the biochar should be good to go in a few months depending on how good you are at composting. One thing to note is that raw uncharged biochar will fuck your soil up for a couple years because it will suck up all the nutrients that you are adding to your soil or at the very least you will have a very poor growing season so its best to supercharge it before you add it to your soil mixture. Apparently biochar lasts many years in the soil too. I think that I answered my own question but I thought that I should pass on what I've learned and save someone some of the BS thats out there about this incredible stuff. Thanks for taking the time Dano:cool:

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