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Organic BOG Seeds Grape Punch grow


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New grow, old seeds. Time for a little variety ๐Ÿฌ Usual gig, rols, organic low-fi growing ๐ŸŒž
This pack was chosen for this (next) run due to potency, fast flowering time (6-7 weeks) and the fact I've always wanted to grow out some of bogs gear but never got round to it for whatever reason, too many seeds too little time. I've got a few other unopened bog packs to play with so expect to see them popping in the not too distant future ๐Ÿ”ฅ
Here's the strain description:

B.O.G. Seeds - Grape Punch
A special orange Bogglegum was selected by my Son to cross with our best LifeSaver Mom. Fruity tastes with a real punch. Thick and full bodied smoke, with a distinctive punch. Excellent choice for those looking for potency in a hearty, fast growing indica. Flowers in 45 - 50 days.

Lifesaver = (Jacks Cleaner x Blueberry) x BogBubble
Bogglegum = BOGBubble x Northern Lights #5
more info on the genealogy/lineage here

So these seeds are old! Like 10+ years old so I've lightly scarified them and presoaked for 4 hours after which 8 out of 10 had sunk. A good sign ๐Ÿ‘
DSC_0101 (1).JPG
DSC_0102 (1).JPG
Seeds soak for 4 hours in heated propogator at 24c, 8/10 sink. Next the seeds are put into starters in a seed tray, I'm praying to the ganja gods for a good result on these.

The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed there are 12 pucks, 10 are GP and the other 2 are Zkittlez and Dead Hooker OG, those will have their own threads so look out for those :)
Thanks for reading, hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have some new babies ๐Ÿ™


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I popped a cookies seed since and that's also come up quickly 2-3 days, still no sign on the old bog seeds though which is very disappointing. Nothing wrong with bog seeds it's just down to the age of the seed.
I'll give them another week and if they still don't show I'll put them into the soil of one of the existing pots, sometimes with seeds like this they suprise you and you get the odd one coming up a month or two later so you never know.


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Alas still no sign on the bogs, on sunday I'll bury them in the top of the front right pot and maybe just maybe one will pop up in the next few weeks. I've still got 2 other packs of old bogs to try so all hope isn't lost. For now I'm going to discontinue this thread, thanks to everyone who stopped by ๐ŸŒž


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Damn! I hate when that happens. It recently happened to me with some seeds from years ago then I germed a different set from the same year and was relieved to know it wasnt my storage. Some seeds get old and stale more quicklythan others...I guess.
On another note, I had ran the BOG Grape Punch and the one female I got was phenomenal. Not much a fan of fruity strains but liked it. It was a kush type plant with quick flowering. The buds were a lil larfy but some of the frostiest buds I ever thumbed.

Lastly, i didnt realize these Grape Punch were that old. What I recall when I got them was it was a one time deal and the Grape Punch were rare at that time as was. Thatsucks th as t they didnt cine up for you. It I was definitely a memorable strain. I remember them GP flowers like it was yesterday.
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