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Hi All,

I'm growing White Widow and just noticed a bit of Bud Rot within some of my buds. I'm wondering whether or not I should keep everything growing or harvest what I can now. See the attached photo of what the buds look like.

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Jun 14, 2020
Excise and trash all of the rot you can see, then dilute 3% peroxide 1:9 with water and spray the whole bud until it's dripping. Repeat the dousing the next day. From there you can keep it at bay with 0.03M Ammonium Bicarb or some other grower's favorite application.


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Sep 4, 2021
Thanks so much. So given what you see in the photo attached, I can keep them growing for another week + ?


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Aug 22, 2021
looks like your dealing with the bud rot due to caterpillar damage... I'm dealing with the same issue with some of my outdoor ladies. you can prune and cut out the affected areas of your plant and leave the rest of the plant to continue flowering. Be vigilant and check daily for caterpillars and remove them away from your garden. From your photo, you look to be finishing up mid flowering phase bit still have at least a few weeks to go before your ladies are ready for a proper harvest. Most of your pistils (stamen) are all white and havent changed color yet so I would definitely wait on harvesting. Even pistil/stamen color change acros your plants flowers is just an early indicator that your flowers are approaching the time to harvest. You want to go by how your trichomes look for optimum harvest time, i personally look for enlarged trichome gladular heads that are all cloudy across the entire plant with minimal ambering as this is a sign of THC degradation.
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