Cannabinoid Effects on Different Cancers


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Apr 3, 2019
Many researchers have chosen to focus on breast cancer cells in hopes that cannabis would diminish the tumors. Breast cancer also happens to be the second leading cause of death in women. It’s responsible for around 30% of new cancer diagnoses each year. Finding a cure for tumor growth would be a tremendous step in saving lives. A study conducted in 2018 evaluated the cancer cells of triple negative breast cancer, the most aggressive type. By creating a combined treatment of CB2 receptors and a translocator protein, the triple negative cancer cells were inhibited and failed to grow.

In another study from 2009, researchers found that CB1 and CB2 receptors helped slow tumor growth of breast cancer. These receptors have such a strong influence because they are found in 72% of breast tumor tissue. Cannabinoids can also mitigate tumor spreading; this happens by inhibiting key signaling targets that cancer cells typically use to grow.

There are a number of other studies detailing more proteins and receptors in breast cancer that can be influenced by cannabinoids. Though these studies are limited, they have solid evidence that treatment or combined treatments involving cannabis can thwart the growth of cancer cells.

Cannabis with Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy is a widely used treatment for cancer. Though many of these studies are aiming to find an alternative treatment with marijuana, chemotherapy is still known to be the most effective treatment. But what if something could be used to make chemotherapy even more effective?

A recent laboratory study has also found evidence that CBD, a component in cannabis, could help chemotherapy be more effective. When conducted with human glioma cells (glioma is a tumor often found in the brain), CBD was more effective at killing cancer cells without harming normal cells in the body. In another study, mice with pancreatic cancer cells were given CBD along with chemotherapy. They found that the cancer cells were inhibited, and survival rates of the mice tripled. Both of these studies are important for anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Though there were no human trials, CBD can be used for a variety of purposes. By finding that a combined treatment with CBD has the potential to be more effective for the patient.


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