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Cannabis Hash Oil Easy Way Instructions


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Hi gang,

This is sooo easy to make hash oil, balls, etc.

So i took a half freezer bag of trim and got 95% alcohol from our drug store, higher the better. above 91% at the very minimum.

So i got a hand blender, i pre-froze the alcohol and the dried trim and then i put it in a glass bowl, and poured the alcohol over it to totally cover it, it took 2 bottles for me to do that. Then i hand blended it for 5 mins, mincing everything to bits.

I had two Mason jars and stole some of my wives nylons stockings. I took the bowl i had and stretched the stocking over the top and then got another bowl with a pouring lip like a measuring cup. I poured it in that and then from that into the mason jar. I ended up filling two mason jars.

I let that sit for a day, then i took 2 rectangle glass baking pans with the 2 inch or 1 inch lip. I placed these on my heating pad that has a stay on mode, then i filled each one with a mason jar. I placed a fan blowing above !! not on ( If you blow on the pans, you chance to blow crap into it, all your doing is blowing away the alcohol. Do this in a place with good ventilation, bathroom, garage, etc..

After a day, well that's all it took me, i took them off, turned off the heating pad :p, and then got a razor and started scraping.

And as you can see below, this is what i got for trim and a little work.


After this step there will be some alcohol left in this so we have to remove it, and since i don't own a vacuum machine here's what i did.

I am making MCT oil anyways so i did 2 things at once. ( MCT oil is a neutral oil that allows the terpenes and flavour of the cannabis to be tasted and also an excellent carrier oil for the cannabis. You can get this at most Health Nut shops.

Decarbed ( Making the THC or CBD active and edible ), and also purging the alcohol from the block.

I set the Oven to 270 Deg F and put the block on a bigger piece of parchment, and then on a cooking sheet.
I cooked that for 1 hour. At 270 F it does not burn off the THC or CBD it activates it so it can just be swallowed to get the same effect of smoking but 3 to 4 times longer some times more.

Here is the picture of it after and look at its texture now, all pot and pitted where the alcohol escaped and it lost the green colour now too and some size as well.


*** Caution ***


Lol i jest but serious. This is a lot of medicine so you can smoke it, vape it, roll it, bake with it, make candys, gummies ( I have a recipe on the forums here for Cannabis Gummies)
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Thanks @Sunshine .

I took a sample to try out and it is Fruity, earthy, and a bit chemically. I got 5 good bags off this little piece. Very pleasant uplifting and painfree high. And yes on the Vape juice.

And yes people this is the same stuff as the old school hash balls or blocks.

* It is still a bit wet kinda so i folded it up loosely in a parchment paper, and put it in a dark, dry, closet and i am going to leave it for a week but it is really nice at any rate.