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Cannabis Infused Butter or Oil


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Hi gang,

Here is my recipe for cannabis infused butter and you can use oil as well i will explain.

So i use vape leftovers ( I have a volcano digit vaporizer and when i finish with my bowl, it has all the leftover cannabis with oils still in it)
so i do not need to decarb this ( see my how to make hash oil post, it explains decarboxylation)
I use as much as i have so my rule of thumb is, the more you use the stronger it is.

Potency is dependant on how much cannabis you use as well a how much butter/oil you use.

I take 2 pounds of salted butter. You can use any butter (not margarine as it doesn't have the oils to bind with the cannabinoids) , or you could use Olive Oil, MCT oil, or any other oil i guess but those are the preferred oils to use.

I grab two of my wives knee high panty hoses and double them inside each and then put my cannabis in the hose. I knot the end and put it aside.
I melt the butter and bring to a slow boil ( Where the bubbles come up and take forever to pop) , Oil is already liquid so you can just watch for the slow roll.

Once the butter/oil is ready, place in the hose and put on the timer for 45 mins. Cover to limit the smell, light some candles as it is going to get really nice smelling shortly.

Keep stirring once every 5 mins, check you temperature at that time as well to make sure your slow bowl is still slow and not speeding up.

If you are making butter it comes out green and that is what you want. Put it in a glass container and put it in the fridge. Scoop out what you need when you are cooking or baking,

Dosage is going to be experimental but it is equivalent to the amount of cannabis put in. Experiment it is fun that is what i did.



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I have the Magic Butter Maker 2e, makes infusing very easy. Also does alcohol for tinctures. I used to use the manual way, but this seems to be far more consistent.
Yes, that is true, Cost wise, well.
My method - Free - other than the wife mad at me, and the magic butter is over 200 bucks at least.

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