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Cannabis plant found in public flower bed


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A cannabis grower attempted to avoid detection by cultivating a plant in a public flower bed in a Northern Ireland village.

However, their plan was foiled by an eagle-eyed gardener who knew his weed from his pansies and spotted the cannabis plant in Kells, Co Antrim.

Posting on Facebook, a PSNI spokesman said: "It appears that an Alan Titchmarsh wannabe has been operating under the cover of darkness in Kells. Whilst not your average horticulturist they thought it would be a good idea to cultivate their cannabis plant in a public flower bed to stealthily avoid detection.

"I have to say this is the sort of stuff you see on America's Dumbest Criminals. Maybe the gardener will be silly enough to attend Ballymena police station and ask for their plant back. I honestly look forward to talking to you."

[source: / published: May 11. 2018]