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Cannabis tycoon game Weedcraft Inc. gets a new trailer

A new gameplay trailer has been released for Devolver Digital and developer Vile Monarch’s upcoming tycoon game, Weedcraft Inc.

This new trailer shows off some the story and gameplay of the first scenario of the game. Enjoy the trailer below…
This tycoon style game will see players take control of a marijuana business in one of the few States of the USA where it’s legal to do so. Players will take part in the industry of producing, breeding and selling weed and can choose to start as a small business or go the corporate route and expand as far as the law allows. Those willing to be “Weedtrepreneurs” will be able to forge relationships with politicians, lobbyists and Instagram influencers to assist in their business interests and even dig up dirt on the competition.

Meet Johnny, a would-be MBA turned cannabis tycoon, who will tell you about his journey through shifting legal and moral obstacles in the nuanced world of Weedcraft Inc. Make his story your own on April 11 and decide if he ends up as an illegal drug lord, legal entrepreneur or someone in between.
Weedcraft Inc. will be available on PC on 11th April.

[source: / published: March 13. 2019]


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