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OFFERED Caregiver with extra non-fem seeds


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Caregiver to MMJ patient cleaning out my stash. All of my seeds are non-feminized except my Super Silve Haze. To each their own, but I personally have had more luck with non-feminized old fashioned seeds and have gotten the best plants out of them. Plus I get to replenish my seed bank every season!

I’m really open to just about any trade because I hate the idea of throwing out perfectly good seeds, but I’ll never use them all. Here’s what I got:

Blueberry - Indica and my latest crop/harvest. Cross with Blueberry and a very pleasant outdoor grow. Will turn blue-ish/purple in colder climates to finish.

Pinky OG - I picked this strain up in a trade last year and it’s an indica with a very pungent fruit smell. Strong body high.

Blueberry X White Widow Hybrid - This is one of my favorite crossovers, it still has the perkiness of White Widow with more of a body high. The White Widow was an auto, so the plants still grow relatively short and stocky - it’s very nice for small grow spaces.

Blue Dream X Cherry Pie - Indica hybrid and bushy. I got some lovely dense nugs off this one from a winter harvest and I’m growing more now. It’s definitely a fan favorite with my patient.

Sour D X Butterscotch - Sativa way more than indica. This one is definitely more of the Sour D strain with a little bit sweeter of a bud.

AK47 Hybrid - (Sativa dominant) I got this off a hippy friend and it was my first grow. This particular variant has a peppery finish and a strong head high. It’s leaned for me more in the Sativa department. It’s a great starter plant because it doesn’t mind harsh summer heat and was very easy to re-veg.

707 Headband X Blueberry - Yes, I had a few blueberry males cross pollinate this one and I have yet to try it. I have oodles, more than I need, so I’d love to hear feedback.

Super Silver Haze (Feminized) - These are my only feminized seeds I grabbed from a European seed Bank. Sativa with silvery buds. I only have a few, but would love to swap for something new.

3 Random Seeds - They’re very nice looking seeds, I just have NO IDEA what they are. It seems a shame to leave them ungrown! If you want them, they’re yours.
I am a Marine corps vet and new to this site. I recently got my card and was looking forward to growing some. I did it in college over a decade ago and was such an amazing experience. Unfortunately I gave away any seeds I had when I gave up drinking. I have since realized (after a trip to Cali) with my wife that weed is not like booze 😉 I don't want more and more. I don't have seeds to trade at this time but will in the future. That blueberry black widow sounded awesome. I had some with my brother when our Dad passed last father's day and it helped to make it a day he would have enjoyed. Either way if you have seeds you don't want to waste, it would be cool to have a few to start out. I probably will sound like a moocher, but figured I'd ask. It seems seeds have gotten scarce since I grew my first and only plants 11 or 12 years ago. - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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