Nice frosty looking 🍌 She's going to be pure πŸ”₯🍁! How many weeks left? looks like she could go another 20 days or more?
Are you revegging or taking cuts from her?
gonna reveg her into a big girl probably and take cuts-ive never been so good at taking cuts- any info ?, gonna make pure fem seeds from her . this girls an extra special one for sure.
Love the fine complex dank fragrance.
Shes stout looks set to yield a zip from bean . Love this plant.
Yes 3 weeks should be good. Probably pull a slh next week following week the nordes then this one.
Ive started seeds todayto replace them.
I started some chiquita x Jamaican seeds in the same pot as the sativa leaning bananas that are revegging.
some OJ seedds and BB mutant x Jamaican.
Jamaican x slh already two in the eg cab as they take 9-11 weeks i anticipate.


Organic Fanatic
The design below works well (not my pic) just make sure you make the holes (in the sandwich tub lid) that you put the clones stem through larger than you need so when they've rooted it is easy to remove them without damaging the delicate new roots. The air pump is optional, it works fine without but faster with, either way you should see decent roots in 1-2 weeks 🌱