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That 🍌looks delicious, does it smell like kush? is it musky? how would you describe the smell? 👃🍁
Marzipan.. vanilla ice cream like

ive always been crap at cuts in the past this girl i must take cuts of and make fem beans shes an incredible find im very lucky i feel.

Not taking anything away from her sisters but shes unique. I really would be happy with 4 of this girl in the wilma system. Vegged for 8 weeks i reckon a fairly good yield in store.she also doesnt give off that skunk dank smell so not bad on odor at all. but obviously id rather have a zip of this than 2 zips of ordinary monk.
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great will have something ready from the veg cab to flip. Perhaps a blueberry mutant. be fun to get one through and see whether she passes the pepsi challenge perhaps a [email protected] 30% + thc claimed shes a heavyweight. the seedling that looks velvety i think matching the india pheno bannas leaves perhaps. she will of had 3 weeks veg by then could put the other 2 seedlings in the pot . label them for flower quality testing pull anything thats no fire and reveg the rest after finished.

i anticipate great things from the Jamaican Chiquita bananas.

hey @ Ferret Wrangler and @Sunshine im very interested in any beans you may wish to swap?. anything from back in the day you dont think you have time for but think is fire dank and would like to see cared for and reproduced.

May i iinterest you in some Jamaican Chiquita bananas and some Jamaican winds maybe ?
Or some pure skunk , ak47 or nordes ?