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Sunshine Seeds - FruitBowl

The FruitBowl project began in 2001 as an F1 cross between PurpleMaui and SweetTooth#3, now fourth generation, and has progressed to what is very stable line suitable for outcrossing

The heritage of this groundbreaking strain are 60/40 indica/sativa, with plants exhibiting both the exhilarating high of the Hawaiian sativa and the bud density and chrystal production of the sweettooth#3.

The strain produces a strong clear high that is positive, happy and constructive...

60% Indica
Yield: Above average
Potency/High: positive/creative
Flowering: 8 weeks


any hints and tips on her ? easy to grow ? how long to veg , pinch or not ?
would she be ok in a hydro set up ?
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*** grow notes ***

thinking about thinning down numbers by putting 4 bananas in 18L pots . Vegging em up for the remaining crop.
take a few cuts of the best dank. together and select a Jamaican Banana to cross some cuts with.

Something i loved about banana the way it grew sativa leaves but thick indica style buds of what i regard as excellent cannabis
also its unlike the other sativa leaning phenos.