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Defficiency ??


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Can some please explain what’s happening with my Vega five cannabis these are critical orange lunch is it ph balance?over watering or feeding and also is there anyone that knows what deffo own you if is?there 5 weeks old feed every 2 days on formulex 5 ml per ltr



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Welcom to FC @Unilad :) It looks like you've got a couple of issues here, the first thing is you've got a bad case of thrips (this is causing the white spots you can see), could be spider mites but looks more like thrips at this stage, posting a pic of the underside of the leaf would help determine for certain.

You also have a root problem, most likely caused by over watering which is causing the necrosis and drying of the leaf.

To remedy the root problem, cut down your waterings to the minimum and let the plants dry a little between and also cut down your feedings. Would I be correct in assumming you're using coco coir for your medium?

The pest problem can be remedied with an organic pesticide, reapplied every 3-5 days continuing for a week or two after the obvious symptoms have abated to ensure all eggs are dead and they are not going to return.

On the plus side at least this didn't happen in flower. Good luck and keep us posted!


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🤠I Would say like yazad quoted it looks like mildew if it is mites or thrips you have a pretty bad case going on and need to get to the bottom of this fast either way it needs a good spraying of neem oil neem oil will take care of bugs and mildew or also you can use MITE MASSACRE You can get both on also as Sunshine quoted can you spot any bugs under the leaves please keep us all posted on progress. :)
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