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Designing light proof exhaust..

Indoor Growing

Designing light proof exhaust..


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So here i would appreciate any help designing exhaust of my grow cupboard...

1: there is a grow cupboard with bright led and plant.

2: the chacoal filter and fancy turbo exhaust cant be used (plz dnt ask why)

3: cupboard is in air-conditioning room.. my bedroom.. thus if exhaust and intake are lightproof i can cool the grow cupboard..

4: there will be 2 holes one for intake and one for exit..

5: only one out of 2 holes would have a 6inch 240volt silent exhaust bathroom fan..

HOW DO I MAKE BOTH HOLES LIGHT PROOF... so my grow room can easily exchange air conditioned air from my room but DNT LEAK LIGHT..


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One of the easiest ways would be with flexible ducting, have it hanging through a hole in your grow so it flops down in an upside down u shape on the inside and outisde of the cab.

You can also make them from cardboard which is cheap and easy
There's also this type of design
the open face you are looking at would attach to the grow cab with tape and the air would come in/out of the bottom. The light is blocked by the opposing bits of cardboard.
Here's another example

Once you understand the prinicple you can easily construct one from some layers of cardboard. Good luck!
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