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Hi gang,

Before i found my cannabis home here, i was a lost soul. I paid 100 bucks for 2 seeds from and that was on Oct 17th, Then on Nov 18th, then email me that they don't have my CBD Afghani Fem Seeds from House of the Gardener. and a free White Widow Fem

I never received any order yet, 20 mins on the phone and they answered and disconnected me, I got ahold of a Rob Stevenson 19053965488 who was partnered with them and he said he was going to give the owner a call which either is bullcrap, or truth. At any rate only order seeds from this site, which i will be doing in the future when i can.

Also Medicine Wheel Dispensary is affiliated with them as well phone number 19053523322 they answered and as soon as i asked about True north, they hung up on me, i called back girl answered, and she does the ooo your breaking up lol.

Just didn't know what else to do, so i guess a warning to other will do.

Thanks Gang,