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Don't know what the problem is having slow growth


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Hey @Nich and welcome :)
You've got a problem at root level, it looks alot like your plant needs repotting into better soil (a lot more perlite) and a container with better drainage.
I'd shoot for a 15-20litre pot with some nice potting compost mixed with 30-40% perlite for good drainage and air at the roots ;)
Make sure your next container has plenty of drainage holes and that you allow her to dry inbetween waterings.
In a good new compost you shouldn't need to feed her for a couple of weeks while you allow her to recover.
If you repot her into a good medium she will show signs of improvement within a week and start to grow rapidy :)
You may also want to consider topping your plant (pinching the terminal shoot at the top) to encourage her to bush out ;)
If you've got any questions just post up, I'm happy to help :)
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Thanks for the help Sunshine!
feed? i'm sorry i do not understand this term feed.. From the start of my grow i have not used any fertilizers and only used compose. could this be a problem?
By using a moisture meter, i realised that the bottom of the pot has way too much moisture like 10 on a scale of 1-10.


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Anytime @Nich :)
Feed means fertiliser ;)
The lack of fertiliser isn't your main problem, the excessive moisture retention and lack of drainage and oxygen at root level is your biggest problem.
Repot with a good fresh compost mixed with 30% perlite and 10% vermiculite in a larger container with good drainage as soon as possible and she'll come good ;)


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Should I wait awhile for the plant settle or immediately top it right now?
Thanks for the help guys
If she were mine I'd wait until she's acclimated so as not to oversoverstress her. I recently repotted mine and she was perky in a day or two so it won't be long, but the sooner you can top the better for your plant's bushiness and thickness.