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Dwc ripped roots


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Yep,she'll be fine as long as you didn't do MAJOR damage, like almost all of them. Just a few sucks but the plant will make up for it with extra root production. Kinda like topping the plant, cut one branch and two grow back. I wouldn't recommend the practise on roots like branches, it does stress the f#*k outta it. I will recommend using a controll bucket to do fert/water changes, the plant won't be moved or stressed any at all untill harvest. Hook all buckets via dark colored equal length 1/2" vinyl tubing,. Fert/water when full can be marked on controll bucket, ferts can be mixed in control bucket. Water can be added thru controll bucket, when control bucket is not in use, keep it raised above water level so it remains empty. Lower bucket to let fill with old water and use a pump or just pour out into another empty 5 gal. Bucket untill all old water is Gone,then start filling and mixing untill you reach the full Mark and raise controll bucket up untill all is in grow buckets. Use the bucket that you pour into(but upside down) as a place to set control bucket - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains


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Thank you for the tips lol no pun lol and you were right it happened last week or so and she's fine in fact she's been growing explosive after,honestly I think I'm gaonna go all hydro it's so much easier than soil cause there's so much guess work in soil about watering too much or to little, hydro I change the water every 2 weeks and check my ppm and blam,I bought this 15 stage shower water filter on amazon thing works great it was like $12 it adds calcium and vitamin c to the water it removes 99 percent of the chlorine


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