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Edible Gummy bear recipe


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Hey guys ! I hope everyone is doing well. I've ordered some THC distillate from the onion market, 0.3 grams for about ~$15 for making edibles.

I love haribo's gummy bears and was wondering if anyone you here knows the recipe to make similar tasting gummies ? I tried looking up recipes but most of them were using around 1 gram of distillate and I got quite confused with how the dosing works. @Sunshine Your Expertise is needed here. What other types of concentrates can I use for making edibles ?

Funny story : Few months back, on Shivratri ( Its a festival celebrated to venetrate Lord Shiva also known as the "Ganja God" its the one of the few days when you can consume cannabis in the form of bhang freely ) My friend got some bhang pakoras (pakoras are some deep fried snacks ) and he kept them in the kitchen. I went into the kitchen and saw the pakoras, I ate like 5-6 pieces ( they tasted pretty good ) I had no clue they were bhang pakoras. I went to ask my firend about the pakoras and then he broke the news to me that they' were bhang pakoras. I was shocked and excited at the same time fast foward one hour I was high as a kite. Was basically laughing at the lamest of jokes, I felt so much euphoric it was awesome. I must've stayed high for good 5-6 hours. I've been craving for edibles for a while now, I even tried making some cannabutter from the shake and plant material but I added way too much butter and the cannabutter turned out be very weak :weary_face:.
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