OFFERED feminized Seawarp pollen


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Jun 14, 2020
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I have an STS treated Seawarp female that's starting to shed pollen. It's alleged by Reeferman to be a 56-day finisher, and the 3 in my outdoor garden will all finish before the end of Sept, so a good outdoor plant for those of us above 45'N.

I'd like to trade the fem pollen for 10 or more fem seeds of an appealing strain(s), strong preference for landrace or IIBLs, or let me know which strain you have that you'd like to pollinate and promise to send me 20 seeds that you make.


I'm willing to send some to anyone who hasn't made it to my "ignore list", and with whom I've had a successful trade. PM me and let me know what fem seeds you have to trade, or what you plan to do with the pollen.

(If you're wondering if fem seeds will be available to trade, stick around for a month; there's a female orgy going on as I type this.
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