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First Indoor Grow. I Need Advice

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I'm using 2800 florescent they are approximately a foot and a half to two feet below the lights, I'm using a mix between regular potting soil with no fertilizer in it and top soil all natural. The only fertilizer I have used and in stick form that last between 30 and 60 days depending on if you break them in half. I just started them on 12/12 a week ago. They are green and healthy looking as far as I can tell


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Thanks the pics is are helpful 🙂
Please can you tell me more about your light, how many tubes? what is the wattage per tube? On the face of it it looks like you need more light 💡
The light needs to be much closer to the plants. You're right to bend them to create an even canopy, continue to do this and bring the light to abour 8-10 inches from the bent down tops of the plants ;)
Can you take a pic of the light?