Question First time growing


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Sep 2, 2021
Hey guys! how are you doing?
it is my first time growing marijuana ever, because a friend told me that it is helping him with his knee pain and I want to try it too.
I am not the youngest or the birghtest so I want the easiest way to do it because I have seen that growing a plant perfectly is very time consuming and you have to really know how to do it.
I´ll buy the seeds in the dispensary next to my house so I´ll let the person working there guide me, but if you know any strain that can help me with my pains, it will help me a lot.
The biggest question that I have is about the grow cabinet, I have been searching the web and I´v found out that the cheapest automatic one is the cabigrow, and it says that it has an app to follow the procedure.
I am not used to buying online but is the only the only way due that I haven´t seen any place next to me that sells any automatic growing cabinet,
Does anyone has experience with this product or a similar one? Do you guys have find any cheaper one?
Thank you guys for your time!

Uncle Canuck

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Aug 12, 2021
Welcome to the growing family. I’m new to growing too. This was my first season and I had a lot of questions. But weed is a weed and it is very hardy. I literally germinated a seed threw it in some good soil and watched it grow. You are in the right place these members are awesome and know their stuff. They will know more about the specific strain you are looking for and grow box.