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First Time, outdoor grow using small pots


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all pics are after drying, I’m not really curing them, for a long time, although I know it’s a preaty important step, I was a bit to impatient haha, I couldnt resist the urge to smoke those tasty looking nugs, never smelled any cannabis like this one, it definitely got a distinct smell,
I enjoyed the taste even doe it was a bit harsh, from not curing, the taste was sweet, and black peppery spicy.
Not the biggest yield from that plant, but sure packed a punch.

Thanks againg for evryone that helped me grow.37DEFA40-6DE0-45DE-BA76-5AC63DE02272.jpegCCFBFA86-60E2-47D7-8EDF-1C8F6EAB6F23.jpeg995F66FD-2DE7-495F-925C-E4EF27781313.jpeg2A09E1F0-47C6-4CA6-98D4-35C3C13D408F.jpegCCCE5965-B15B-4158-9012-DBD4C7BFBDEE.jpeg
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