first time outdoor growing auto


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hi folks, so tomorow i am planting my alredy mixed germinated autos DIRECTLY OUTDOOR INTO THE LAND.

i want to know how should i prepare the land.
is its hardcore earth under sun.i wont have luxury to add anything except. seaweed, coco peat, wormi composst, cow compost

please tell me how to prepare the land.
a to z guidance is required .
thanx for help. i love this site


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hi bud monster.
they are best available as they came directly from
but i cant grow indoor as my parents hate me even talking abt cannabis.
i. dnt want to make them upset.
i tryed my best making them understand sitting with them talking. even taking them to doctor as a 3rd neutral person but they just cant accept. so i prefer not to disturb them more.

so my only bet is outdoor.
recently my friend too backstabbed me and asked me to remove the plant. so i dnt have choice.


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Hey @yazad good to see you my friend :)
They were sent on 24th of Jan, so it is only the 7th working day since posting. It can take up to 15 working days for seeds to arrive depending on where they're being posted to so I wouldn't panic yet.
I'd expect them to show up by the end of next week ;)