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Flush or not


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Reading a lot of conflicting stuff about flushing so have a few questions

When do I flush?
Whats the point?
Is it worth it?
Do you flush? if not why

Growing bubblegum under Led


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Hi ukgrow :)

When do I flush? People who flush do so around 2 weeks or so before harvest
Whats the point? Flushing is done to leach out the chemicals in the soil and reduce the ferts to give a cleaner smoke and paler product
Is it worth it? In organics no it isn't. If you're growing with artificial fertilisers then yes.
Do you flush? if not why No I never flush but I grow ROLS (recyled organic living soil) and No Til

Are you growing in dirt? and what ferts are you using on the girls?


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Sometimes my information is conflict or to popular trends, however I am a successful cultivar. I recommend that you flush much more frequently, in particular when you notice leaf coloring problems. Leaf coloring problems usually occur when plants are over fed nutrients, most, no correction all rookie growers overfeed. And over watering it is easier to overcome over water than over feed. If your leaf tips are burned up flush, if your leaf edges turn up flush. If your leaf tips turn down flush. Flushing is safe insurance against problems. After many failed attempts at grows I learned less is more flushing is next to free and will never hurt you. Think of the coloration of the fluids that run out as plant piss, salts and build up of nutients leave giving you a clean playing field. Just go flush them NOW. Be safe enjoy the fresh new growth that will respond