Announcement Free feminized purple diesel seeds


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Oct 15, 2021
Coincidentally, Garland Texas has a tip line and offer $5K for valid tips.

Is marijuana cultivation a crime in Texas? Just askin'....
Even if its a joke, don't suggest this here.

Anyone participating in any trade here should understand there is a possibility the other party will not satisfy their side of the trade. The rating system helps mitigate the risk, but the probability is always greater than zero.

I knew it was a risk to make a trade to a new user. For me it was worth the risk of a few beans, envelope, and stamp to see if they deliver.


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Oct 15, 2021


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Feb 4, 2023
I am amazed that folks would send cash to an unknown dude who just appeared offering "free" seeds. And through an app, not mailing address? Nice to be trusting, but you gotta commit some due diligence.. Purple Diesel must be a killer strain.
I'm thinking the same thing


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Aug 22, 2021
The address he gave me via email is from Garland, TX.
I sent a very generous care package of mixed genetics with nothing sent back in return after I paid for my own shipping label.
Not Trustworthy. Don’t waste your time on this memher.

FYI, this user also gave me 3 different names when I was communicating with them for our trade.


Aug 10, 2022
It's just weird that they would send a pack to one person and not anyone else. Eh, maybe more are coming still
yes, it's weird but it would make sense that he sends seeds to one person, this person then posts pictures here, etc.. and then he scams the rest of us and keeps the money. So he spends $10 and keeps $50. I'm not saying it's the case but looks like it.


Mar 25, 2022
I see @BrotherRandall has not received any confirmation of shipping on a preprinted label that was sent.

I sent a bean share that included a self addressed, stamped envelope. @Raycoats420 sent a share back to me promptly.

Did anyone else expect shipment? Or were we the only 2 that tried?
There are a few folks here that haven't received anything. Some sent $, others agreed to a seed trade. My question is why scam people out of some seeds when most here would have sent them freeooo anyway? A couple of stamps and some seeds is no big deal.....its the principle basically. Scamming $$ from peeps is a different story...... A pretty low life move on every level.

Raycoats... You need to do the right thing and return those peeps $$ along with a sincere apology. Stealing is never good karma man.