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From starter Fem plant to Flower?


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Hi im a newbee grower in Calif. Central Coast i started my Feminized starter plant the 1st week of April when should i start to see flowering? My plant is onlr approx. 20" tall. Its been 3 months im i rushing it or did i do something wrong?
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Damn. That looks like a healthy bush. Its foliage may be too dense to grow healthy buds, though. Gotta have some air and light penetrating all the way through or it'll choke from the inside out. Perhaps try training the tops by gently pulling them out and away from the center. It's okay if they bend over, too. We just want to open her up so that all the lower growth has fresh air and light reaching into it. After that, you may want to begin removing any unnecessary fan leaves that are still blocking bud sites, and staking some of those heavier branches with dowel rods to keep them in place and prevent breakage - the same principal as a tomato cage.

Bloom should begin any time in the next ten days - just check the nodes every other day for emerging pistils. By the end of the first week of flower, stop all training and switch to a lower Nitrogen, higher Potassium + Phosphorus flower feed.

Happy Growing!
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🤠she looks like she is very close to flowering right now. how large is your pot you need at least a 7gal pot if she becomes root bound she will grow slower and thicker how high is your light kept from top :mask:


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Hello and welcome to FC @Caww45 :)
She'll start to flower when the days get shorter and daylight hours go down to below 14hours or less a day. The shorter photoperiod (light hours) will trigger flowering.
Good luck with your grow and keep us posted! đź‘Ť - 100s of Breeders | 1000s of Strains
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