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Giving up tobacco (again) using cannabis - wish me luck!


Organic Fanatic
So here I am again, trying to kick the dirty habit. I say again because this isn't the first time I've given up. In the words of Mark Twain, giving up tobacco isn't difficult, I've done it hundreds of times.
I'm not actually a massive smoker, I only really smoke rolling tobacco in my joints and only smoke joints very late in the evening when I'm having a cold alcoholic beverage. So in a week I'd typically smoke around 30 ish small tobacco joints (single rizzla paper), some weeks more some less. I never smoke cigarettes or tobacco without cannabis.
I'm now at the point where I'm ready to give up tobacco so I smoked my last few joints on saturday night, using the kiff from my grinder and hash and all the things I love to smoke with tobacco and promised myself that this is the end.
I'm now on day 3 with no tobacco and doing okay so far.. in my experience the difficulty isn't in giving up, it's the not starting up again :)
So if anyone wants to give up with me or just wish me luck I'd be happy to hear from you! Here's to tobacco free lungs and a healthier future 💨


Every day I'm Wrangling
Good luck @Sunshine! I finally transitioned to vaping a few months ago so I spend less than a quarter as much money each month to get my nicotine fix. I've noticed that I smell, taste, and breathe better now as well. You'll be able to take larger hits of cannabis eventually (in theory) and thats always a plus 👍